Richard Harrison Fanning

born Dade County, Missouri 1862
died California
Richard Harrison Fanning
Richard Harrison Fanning, only child of Jacob Harry and Lucinda Fanning Fanning, was born in Dade County, Missouri on February 18, 1861.
He married Malissa Jane Spence on January 27, 1881 in Newport, Missouri. They had four children: Alfred Norman Fanning, Walter Nathaniel, Maude, Marion (Mamie), and Richard Harrison, Jr. (Harry). When Walter Nathaniel Fanning was about 14 his mother died. (See photos of the family of Richard Harrison and Malissa Spence Fanning)
Richard Harrison then married his second wife, Lola, who was apparently not a warm and loving person and not well-liked by at least one stepson, Walter. There is a story that one day when Walter was about 16 he was watering the backyard with a hose, Lola came and scolded him about something. He turned the hose on her, jumped the back fence, and went to live in the Indian Territory with his "Uncle Amick." He never went home again.
Richard Harrison Fanning was a carpenter by trade. When his sons Walter and Harry were both stationed in Alaska building a Navy radio station at Cordova, Richard Harrison joined them and their families. He helped them with the building.
We do not know the outcome of his marriage to Lola. Either she died or they were divorced. In any case, when he was single again, he came to Vallejo, California where he lived in a boarding house. He subsequently married the owner of the house, Emma Knox.
Richard Harrison's mother, Lucinda Fanning Hoskins, came to live with him in Vallejo after the death of her second husband, John Hoskins.

Richard Harrison Fanning, Cordova, Alaska about 1918
Richard Harrison Fanning and Emma Knox Fanning in Vallejo, about 1939
He died on January 27, 1941 in Vallejo, California. See R.H. Fanning Death Certificate