The inspiration for this site was a desire to provide our children with information about their ancestors who came to America from all over Europe. My father, Walter Fanning, who passed away in Dec. 2008 at age 99, had a good memory, and I give him credit for the dates, places and stories on the Fanning/Kofod side of the family. The Montague side is harder to trace since Samuel C. Montague last saw his father when he was about 4 years old. We are still looking for the parents of his father, Henry C. (Harris or Harry) Montague and Mary Francier.

The IMMIGRATION MAP shows the origin of each family...from Wales, Scotland, France, Quebec, Denmark, Norway, England, Ireland... they came to build new lives in America. Some came early and were here during the Revolutionary War. Most of them came during the mid 1800's. The BIOGRAPHY LIST links the names to a biography and photograph. Check out JACOB HARRY FANNING with a revolver in 1858. The FAMILY TREE shows the direct and specific ancestors in our lines. Please just send an E-MAIL MESSAGE if you are looking for someone specific.
All photos on this site were compressed in Photoshop for rapid loading. The longest time a page takes to load is 40 seconds, and most only take 3-15 seconds. Most photos are from family archives. Credit is given when the photographer is known. Logos are either original or used with permission. Thanks to 3DFlags.com for use of the flags on these pages.
We have tried to check the accuracy of this information. Most of it comes from sources such as census, and birth and death records. We have not listed the sources out of privacy concerns. If you would like this information please just contact us.
The SURNAME OR GEDCOM LINK will take you to an index of ancestors and descendants. Within a family group of 1700 individuals we expect errors. If you find some or have questions we welcome your input. Please, if you do not want any information about you on this website just let us know. We will remove it. We have already removed everything except the names of living individuals born after 1930.
HELP! If you are a Fanning or Hoskins descendant do you recognize THESE ANCESTORS? Please help us identify them if you can.

"MISCELLANEOUS" includes links to other activities or family news. If you can add to or correct the content or the links please e-mail us: sue@montagues.org. We would like to hear from you.