Lucinda Fanning Fanning Hoskins

born Missouri, 1841
Photo from the collection of Joretta Thompson Born February 13, 1841 in Dade County, Missouri, 6 miles from Greenfield, Lucinda Fanning was the daughter of Thomas Fanning. Her mother was Harriet Lydia (Liddie) Emmons Fanning. (Some believe her mother's name was Harriet Carter and "Emmons" was a married name.)

Lucinda married her first cousin Jacob Harry Fanning, son of Thomas' brother John and his wife, Jane Swadley Fanning. In fact, Thomas' first wife was Jane Swadley's sister, Elizabeth Swadley.

Lucinda and Jacob were farmers. They had one child, a son, Richard Harrison Fanning. After Jacob's death in his 30's, in 1869 Lucinda married John Ira Hoskins, a railroad station attendant and engineer. She moved with him to Oklahoma and Kansas. Lucinda and John had at least two more children: a son, Cyrus, and a daughter, Nell or Nellie.

It is said she lived for a time, after John Hoskins death, with her son Cyrus Hoskins and his wife, but the two women never spoke to each other.

Lucinda moved to Vallejo, CA to live with her son, Richard Harrison Fanning and his third wife, Emma Knox Fanning.

She also lived with her grandson Walter Nathaniel Fanning, his wife Anna Dagmar Kofod, and their children. Her great-grandson Walter Norman, now 92, remembers her making quilts while she lived with their family. Her great-great-great-granddaughter Jennifer has one of her quilts.

Walter says Lucinda would send his mother, Anna to the store for chewing tobacco. It had to be the "Peachy" brand, and Anna had a hard time finding it for her grandmother-in-law.

When Lucinda was 88 years old she wrote a short "histry" of her life. Click here to read her story in her own hand.

Lucinda died in Vallejo, California on March 29, 1932. Here is a copy of her death certificate.
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