Robert Wilson Thomson

born Carluke, Lanark,
Scotland 1946
Robert Wilson Thomson was born in Carluke, Lanark, Scotland on July 24, 1880, the son of Mungo Thomson and Jane Wilson Thomson of Lanark County, Scotland. His father worked as a stone mason, and his grandfather and uncles worked in the coal mines. Both of his parents stayed in Scotland.

Robert married Margaret Amelia Watkins who was called "Amelia" or "Mealy" on May 1, 1911, in either England or Scotland. They were on their way to Long Beach, California by way of Lomond, Alberta, Canada when their daughter Annjean Elizabeth was born on March 13, 1913, so Elizabeth was a Canadian citizen by birth although she lived most of her life in America.

In Long Beach, California Robert worked for an oil refinery, and Amelia stayed at home with her two children, Elizabeth and Robert Watkins Thomson, born June 10, 1917. Amelia died on October 17, 1922 at age 47, and son Robert died on June 18, 1933 at age 16 of peritonitis in Long Beach, CA.

Robert remarried to Minnie Olive (last name unknown), and they lived in Long Beach until his death on November 21, 1946 of cancer of the prostate.

The family has no photos of Robert Wilson Thomson.

Children of Robert Wilson Thomson and Margaret Amelia Watkins Thomson

Photo of Annjean Elizabeth Thomson and her brother Robert Watkins Thomson about 1930:

died Oakland , California 1934