Annjean Elizabeth Thomson Montague

Annjean Elizabeth Thomson was born March 5, 1913 in Lomond, Alberta, Canada to Robert Wilson Thomson and Margaret Amelia Watkins swhile her parents were visiting relatives on their way from England to California. She had one brother, Robert Watkins Thomson, born June 10, 1917.
Elizabeth grew up mostly in Long Beach, California where she graduated from high school.
Her father worked for an oil refinery and her mother Margaret Amelia Watkins, known as "Amelia or Mealy," was a housewife, staying home to care for the two children.

She was 10 years old, and Robert was 5 when their mother died. When Elizabeth was 16 her brother Robert died. She kept house for her father until he remarried to Minnie Olive ________.

She met George Samuel Montague, and they were married July 16, 1936, on George's birthday.

Elizabeth and George had three children: Margariete Ann Montague, born December 10, 1938; George Robert Montague, born April 21, 1941, and William Lee ("Skip") Montague, born May 11, 1943.

Elizabeth passed away suddenly at home on September 29, 1953. She was 39 years old.

Click here for a photo of Elizabeth and her brother Robert, about 1931.
died Oakland , California 1934