Caspar Christensen Stangland

born in Astoria, Oregon died in Astoria, Oregon
Caspar Christiansen Stangland was born in Astoria, Oregon on July 28, 1884 to Andreas (Andrew) Stangland and Maren Thorstensdtr (Mary Thompson). He was one of 15 children: Carl, Walter, Andrew, Mamie, John, Alfred, Magnus, Marshall, Inga, Emil, Lawrence, Myrtle, and two who were stillborn or died in infancy.
He married Nora Evelyn Jensen about 1915. They had two daughters, Margaret Jane (later Jane Ann Bodell Dempsey Fanning) and Dorothy Patricia.
The family name was Kristensen when they lived in Norway. When they came to the United States they changed it to Stangland after the area of Norway where they originated. So Margaret Jane Christiansen and her sister Dorothy Patricia Stangland were full sisters, but they had different last names at birth.
Caspar and Nora Evelyn divorced after about four years. He remained in Astoria, working for Bumblebee Tuna Co., and as an electrician in the shipyards.

The 1920 Federal Census lists Casper with Evelyn and two daughters, Jane and Dorothy, next to Nels and Anna Jensen, his in-laws.

Evelyn remarried and her second husband raised the two daughters and gave them his name. They called him "Daddy," and Caspar Stangland was not in the picture. The divorce and paternity of the two daughters was a family secret for many years.
Caspar ("Cap") remained single. At age 51, on October 13, 1945, he was hit and fatally injured by an automobile as he walked across a street in Astoria. (See death certificate for Caspar Stangland). He was buried at Ocean View Cemetery in Astoria.