The Montague Family Coat of Arms

The original Montagues were Norse who came into what is now England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Drue de Montecute accompanied William The Conqueror and established the Montague bloodline throughout many generations of England's royal family. It is said that both Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII were Montagues.

Princess Diana was believed to have Montague ancestors.

For a comprehensive genealogy of the Montagues in America see the following link:

Two Montague brothers came from England to America. Richard Montague settled in Hadley, Massachusettes, and Peter Montague settled in Virginia. To view a list of the descendants of Peter Montague of Virginia please go to this page:

So much for the royal Montagues. Knowledge of our Montague branch begins with Harris Montague in Trinidad, Colorado in the 1870's. On the 1800 Census of Las Animas County Harris, age 38, is listed with his wife Juana, 26, two sons Feliz, age 6, and Samuel Clay, age 2, and his mother-in-law Maria J. Romero, age 55. Harris' birthplace is listed as "Missouri." Later Samuel (Montana Census 1900) stated his father was born in Pennsylvania. Maria Romero was born in New Mexico and Juana Romero was born in Colorado. We do not know if both parents were the parents of both children. In fact we know nothing of the relationship between Harris and Juana except that she is listed as his wife on this census and her mother was living with them in 1880.

Las Animas County Federal Census of Trinidad, Colorado in 1880. All the members of this family have disappeared from the records by 1885, except for Samuel's brother Feliz who appears in the Holy Trinity Catholic Church records as the father of 5 children baptized between 1899 and 1912. One daughter, Teresina Montegues (or Montes) was married at Holy Trinity Church in 1919 to Hilario Vasquez.

This is the home town of Samuel Clay Montague who would have been about five years old when this photograph was taken. Bat Masterson was sheriff of Trinidad during this decade. Samuel's father Harris may have been a deputy sheriff at this time. Family legend says that Harris Montague was a sheriff who was shot and killed by a famous outlaw and buried on Boot Hill.

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