Family of Walter Nathaniel and Anna Dagmar Kofod Fanning

Walter and Anna had three children, Walter Norman b. 1909; Irma Mildred, b. 1912, and Velma Marciel, b. 1920
Walter Norman and Anna, 1911
Vallejo, 1920's: Richard Harrison Fanning (front row , 2nd from rt., Harry Fanning, left front standing; Emma Knox Fanningmiddle row, 2nd from left, Lucinda Fanning Hoskins, middle row, 4th from left.

50th Anniversary of Walter and Anna Fanning, 1958

In Front: Nancy Dale Fanning, Rick Alan Harreschou
Middle row: Walter Norman, Anna, Walter Nathaniel Fanning, Robert Harreschou
Back row: Wilbur Hesse, Sandra Hesse, Jane Fanning, Erma Frost, Barrie Frost, Velma Harreschou