Photos of Samuel Clay Montague
and Annie St. Martin Montague & Family

Samuel Clay and Annie St. Martin Montague,
about 1906, the year they were married in Montana.
Helen Montague Erwin
Helen Montague, about 1908, Montana

Evelyn, Helen, Marion, Richard and George Montague in Oakland, CA about 1920
Marion, George, Helen, Evelyn and Richard Montague in Oakland, 25th Avenue.
Helen Montague Erwin about 1908 in Montana
George Samuel Montague
about 1920
Evelyn, Richard, Sam, Marian, George, Annie
Evelyn, Richard, Samuel, Sr. Donata (Marian), George, Annie about 1933
George and Richard Montague George, Elizabeth and Pop Montague
George, Elizabeth and Sam, about 1940
George and Richard, about 1935
Evelyn Montague Eberhard
Marian, Sr. Donata, about 1966
Evelyn Montague Eberhard
Richard Montague, 2003
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